Losing is a hard habit to break - if you do not make the right steps to correct previous errors, then all you will see are similar results. This applies to everything in life, even when it comes to betting on baseball. In order to be a successful baseball betting fan, you need to learn from loss and use it to better yourself as you go forward. Below are some common mistakes that baseball bettors make that you would do well to avoid. Once you have read these, head on over to https://www.timeofgambling.com/ as you can find all the latest gambling news here.


Playing Too Many Favorites

Every novice has been guilty of this one - they see a favorite and believe that it is a sure thing that they will go on to win, meaning that you are guaranteed winning. Their research is more likely centered on reinforcing why the favorite is going to win instead of trying to work out the percentage chance that each team has of winning. If you want to break out of this habit, then have a look at the league table. You will see how “bad” teams win 40% of their matches, while the “great” teams do not win 70% of the time. Therefore, this shows you that the underdog has a very good chance of winning in a game of baseball. A good thing about betting on an underdog is that you do not need to win a lot of bets in order to make a decent profit. If you bet on two underdogs, then you would only need to win one of those bets to end up with a profit, but if you bet on two favorites, then you would need both of them to come in if you are to make a profit.

Fading Streaks

When a bad team wins a couple of games in a row there are many baseball betting fans who will then bet on that team to lose their next game. Their logic is that they are a bad team, so their winning streak must be coming to an end very soon. If you are the type of person that does this, then we recommend that you stop right away. Baseball, from a team and individual, perspective is a game of steaks. Even the bad teams will go on good runs where they land wins over a number of weeks. Instead of banking on the run to end, we recommend that you jump on the bandwagon instead and ride their momentum to some tidy profits. Just remember to jump ship when things start going south, which they will.

Failing to Completely Analyse the Game

There are too many baseball betting fans that focus on just one thing or another. If you follow just one aspect of the game, then you will not make much of a profit in the long run. Winning is not easy, so you need to analyse different stats and look at all the key facets. Yeah, the starting pitcher might be on fire, but how is his bullpen help and run support? Are there some injuries? Does the opposition have some batsmen in form? These are all vital things that you really need to look at before you go ahead and place a baseball bet.


Concentrating Only on High Scoring Teams

Most baseball betting fans get attracted to teams that score lots of runs as they believe that lots of runs will always translate into wins. We all love home runs, but many fans do not make smart bets. When many people bet on a team to win because they have been scoring many runs, it leaves a lot of value on their opponents. Just because a team has been scoring a lot of runs it does not necessarily mean that they will win the match, and going against the grain is sometimes a great way for you to find the value that can lead to a tidy profit.

Ignoring Home and Away Splits

There are baseball teams out there that are really good at home but very bad on the road, or vice versa. If you can find a team like this, then you can find value in them by betting when they are playing in the right spot, or betting against them if they are not in their element. You also should do a bit of research to find out why teams perform how they do. Do they have good pitchers, but the match is being played in a hitter’s stadium? Do they have huge hitters and are playing in a stadium with a short field? By asking yourself such questions you can work out the stadiums that teams will play well in when on the road.

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