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Thursday, June 30th, 2011

The day-to-day grind of the MLB regular season ca n be tough on players, managers, and gamblers alike. When it comes to making a bet on MLB baseball online, sometimes picking winners can get both tough and tedious. With such parity in the game, and seemingly fluky outcomes, picking straight up against betting margins can become tiresome.

That’s why, in times of struggle, you can turn to the run totals as a whole new way on which to gamble and follow Major League Baseball.

However, sometimes those run totals can be tricky. So who are the most reliable teams when it comes to winning the over/under?


The most reliable team when it comes to scoring over the run total is the New York Mets. The other New York team has the beautiful combination of productive hitting and sub-par pitching. However, at 10th in runs and 18th in ERA, the Mets have found a balance that allows their run total numbers to be set at a reasonable spot. Consequently, the Mets fall in the over category 60 percent of the time.

Coming in at a close second in the over category, at 58.2 percent of games, are the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals have a high powered offense, normally led by Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday, though they have not been able to field them both at the same time for more than an inning it seems. Despite the injuries, the Cardinals produce, and it shows on the run totals.


If you prefer pitchers duels, then your favorite team might be the San Francisco Giants. At an under rate of 60.8 percent, the Giants your surest bet when it comes to run totals. A clinic in unbalanced play, the defending champs boast one of the top staffs in all of baseball, ranking in the top five in all major pitching categories. Yet, their hitters are not so aptly named, as they rank in the bottom five of all major batting categories. Trust me, if you are looking for a near sure thing, take the Giants going under the run total.

If you want a little spice in your bet, go with the surging Tampa Bay Rays, who score on the under a solid 57.9 percent of the time. This comes as a shock, as their pitching and hitting rankings exemplify a balanced squad. This may indicate a fluke in the number of low scoring games, or perhaps it simply shows the unpredictability of baseball. Rays pitchers know when they have a lead, it is time to lock it down.

Make your bet on MLB baseball, as the run totals are just screaming for a smart gambler to take advantage of their winning potential. Be that smart gambler, and bring home the big bucks.

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